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International Shipping - Any Country

Last Updated a year ago

Yes, we can ship to any country in the world! 

  • Crystal Classics offers Zonos processing for Fedex Worldwide Delivery to virtually every country. The system is built into our Shopping Cart, and automatically calculates custom fees based on HS Codes for each item, VAT or Sales Tax, and door to door delivery.
  • Crystal Classics along with FedEx will prepare all documentation for customs clearance. 

Once you put the items in the cart, in the checkout please choose the country you would like to ship to and the shopping cart will calculate the Custom fees for that item, VAT tax if necessary, and delivery fee. The service we use is Zonos for processing and Fedex for delivery, and they are the best at delivering packages worldwide. 

Please note that custom fees, taxes etc. are varied from country to country, and can sometimes be high, and sometimes very low. Also, some countries prohibit some items from being imported. Not sure why someone would not allow nice crystal pieces being imported, but our system will let you know if that is the case.

The checkout process is easy, and you can rest assured that the package will clear customs and be delivered to the doorstep!

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